Cask and Keg

Baytown beer is already available on tap in pubs close to Robin Hood’s Bay and we are happy to supply pubs further afield.  Baytown beers are available in cask and keg for pub sales as outlined below.  We are able to deliver across Yorkshire when there is a minimum of 2 casks/kegs ordered.


Beer is supplied in 9 gallon firkins and we supply pump clips free of charge.

  • Baytown Bitter 4% bitter
  • Smuggler’s Haul 6% strong bitter
  • Squire’s Connivance 5% dark porter
  • Press Gang’s Arrival 3.8% pale


Beer is supplied in 11 gallon kegs and pump clips are supplied free of charge. Note; ‘A’ type dispenser will be supplied but will require returning after use.

  • Petticoat’s Deceit 5% premium cider
  • Revenue’s Revenge 4.2% premium lager
  • Squire’s Connivance 5% dark porter