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One Hour Smugglers’ Tours

New for 2016 – find out about the Smugging history of Robin Hood’s Bay and even enjoy a tasting of all 7 Baytown beers at the wonderful Victoria Hotel.

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Baytown Beer Festival

The second Baytown Beer Festival at the Victoria Hotel in Robin Hood’s Bay is to be held between Friday 2 December and Sunday 4 December 2016. It will run as part of the village’s annual Victorian Weekend

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Smuggler’s walk 3 December noon

Meet in the dock in Robin Hood’s Bay for a one hour tour of Bay’s smugglers’ haunts. Proceeds to local good causes.

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Spirits Available Post Free!

Smuggler George has been working hard and has brought ashore a brand new range of spirits including whisky, gin, vodka and port.


Beers Available on DFDS Seaways

Baytown’s full range of smuggler’s beer is available on board both ships, giving you the chance to raise a glass to celebrate these historic links even after leaving Robin Hood’s Bay.

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Welcome to Baytown

We’re here to help you celebrate Robin Hood’s Bay – the place and the people and its smuggling heritage.

Hidden next to the North Sea, on the edge of the North York Moors, Robin Hood’s Bay has almost 1000 years of rich heritage.  Its people are famous through the centuries for their resilience, independence and resourcefulness.

Baytown is the locals’ traditional name for Robin Hood’s Bay.  So, browse these pages and learn more about Baytown and its inhabitants.  To celebrate, why not buy some beer, cider or lager and raise a glass! Or you could also sit by the fire with a port or glass of spirits.

We can currently supply all spirits by mail order but if you require beer by mail order please contact us by phone or email before placing the order.

Buy Beers Online – From £30 for 12

6 bottles

Smuggling in Baytown

Find out more about Smuggling Click Here


Or, join us for a Smuggling Tour… and re-live the history!

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Baytown was the 18th century locals’ name for Robin Hood’s Bay. Times were tough but so were the people.

It is reputed that a couple of years ago, a resident was refurbishing the cellar of his 375 year old family home when a wall gave way to expose a hidden tunnel.

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