Smuggler’s Tours of Bay

Take this leisurely guided stroll round old Baytown and learn all about the village’s smuggling past.

Packed full of historical facts, the tour will blend smuggler’s tales with visits to authenticated smuggling locations.  Battles between Revenue men and smugglers will be remembered and even the Press Gang will make an appearance. The tour is the perfect way to be introduced to the history of Baytown in the 18th century and will give you hours of conversation topics by the pub fireside at night.

This personal tour can be arranged at anytime and any day to suit your requirements. There is no minimum group size as the tour costs a minimum charge of £45. Each person is charged at £7 (so for 7 people the cost would be £49).

To arrange your personal smugglers’ tour contact Brian Allinson:

Tel: 07973851908


Smuggler George