About Baytown

Baytown was the 18th century locals’ name for Robin Hood’s Bay. Times were tough but so were the people.

It is reputed that a couple of years ago, a resident was refurbishing the cellar of his 375 year old family home when a wall gave way to expose a hidden tunnel.

Within it he discovered a smuggler’s hoard. Amongst the myriad of finds were recipes for beer and other items. There was also the 18th century diary of Jeremiah Tempest.

It turns out Jeremiah was Baytown’s boldest, luckiest and richest smuggler. The diary notes his arch enemy was Captain Fairweather of the Revenue.

By night they fought for or against possession of contraband. By day they both sought the hand of the local squire’s daughter.

Squire Faraway of Baytown Hall gave public support to the Revenue men but otherwise kept aloof from matters of The Crown. He appeared to be in regular contact with Jeremiah Tempest.

The diary also explains how Baytown’s womenfolk were in league against the Revenue too.

This hoard has inspired the range of Baytown products available here.

It also reminds us that being strong, individual, independent, persistent and resourceful are all qualities to which we can aspire today!